Hair Care

Q: What kind of products should I use on this hair?

A: You should only use Herbal Essences products on this hair. This will allow the hair to stay soft, manageable and bouncy. Herbal Essences Wonder Wave shampoo and conditioner should be used on the Virgin Brazilian Body Wave, Deep Curly, and Exotic Wave Hair. Herbal Essences 2 in 1 Hydration is recommended for the Virgin Brazilian Straight Hair. This hair should be co washed immediately after opening.

Q: Why is my virgin hair dry and tangled?

A: If your not using the recommended shampoo and conditioner it could cause the hair to become dry and tangled. Blow drying the hair can also make the hair very dry, hair should be air dryer only!! Wash your hair once every week or once every two weeks to maintain softness and luster. Organix Hydration Oil Spray should be used to lock in moisture. Treat this hair as if it was your own.

Q: What products should I use to dye the hair?

A: Black: Dark and Lovely Permanent Dye

Blonde: Volume 40 Powder Pack

For lengths over 20" it is highly recommended that you seal your wefts to protect hair from shedding and damage. With proper care this hair will last one year plus.